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This page will detail the rules and guidelines on our IRC and Discord chatrooms, to ensure a proper and enjoyable experience of all users, be they simple spectators or active players. We assume that you are already familiar with the basics of using IRC.

General rules

  • #0: The staff reserves itself the right to moderate the server as they see fit to enforce the rules on this page. By entering our IRC channels and/or our Discord server, you are agreeing to abide by those rules by default.
  • #1: Don't be a dick.
  • #2: Remain civil at all times. We want the atmosphere to remain pleasant and we want our users to feel as much "at home" as possible, free to express themselves and enjoy themselves as they see fit within reason, so long as they respect other users in the process. You are considered to have a right to free speech and free opinion and that you are free to express it while on our channels, no matter the topic, though we wish to remind that sensitive topics (including but not limited to, religion, theology, politics, news events, laws and regulations, etc.) may be a source of heated disagreements, unpleasant conversations, drama, flaming, or worse; and that ideally, such potentially heavy discussion remains on the designated channel for heavy discussion (#shrine, see below).
    • If the staff believes that the current topic of discussion is too unsuitable, the staff may issue a general warning to change the topic; this is not advice, this is an order that must be immediately followed, and failure to do so may result in harsher consequences.
  • #3: Respect the other users regardless of who they are. Joking and shitposting is fine as long as you make it clear it's a joke or a shitpost, as per Poe's Law. DO NOT be caught doing any of the following (including, but not limited to): Trolling, bashing/flaming, insults and/or personal attacks, or anything the staff may construe as disrespectful in general.
    • 3a: No airing dirty laundry: While we understand that everyone's personal lives may not be peachy and peaceful all the time, and that it is sometimes healthy to vent them, we ask of our users that they do not rant at excessive length or detail about personal or private issues, and that they keep information that may be considered private into the realm of privacy. In other words: Don't drop names, and seek professional help if you need it.
  • #4: It is absolutely forbidden to abuse our services for unsolicited behavior. Please respect the StormBit Terms of Service and the Discord Terms of Service. We also have a zero-tolerance policy on ban evasion, reputation slandering, commercial or religious solicitation, and other similar behavior. We are not free advertisement space.
  • #5: Each of our channels have a specific purpose; please keep relevant activity on their respective channels:
    • #MazeWorld (IRC) is bridged to #the_mazes (Discord). To be exclusively used for playing MazeWorld, and nothing more, including when no sessions are ongoing. No OOC conversations are allowed on #MazeWorld.
    • #MzWBeta (IRC) is bridged to #chat (Discord). General-purpose, out-of-character chat channel. Anything goes here, as long as the rules are respected.
    • #MzWBotspam (IRC) is bridged to #botspam (Discord). The purpose of this channel is to allow people to make heavy use of bot commands without disturbing or cutting into discussion in other channels.
    • #MzWTech (IRC) is bridged to #workshop (Discord). The purpose of this channel is to discuss future updates, suggestions, and the development and maintenance of Maze Tech: tools, assets and utilities to make MazeWorld easier and faster to run.
    • #MzWGamma (IRC) is bridged to #nsfw-club380 (Discord). NSFW chatroom, which exists to keep NSFW out of the main channels. #club380 is restricted from view on Discord to anyone without NSFW. Unauthorized users connecting to #MzWGamma on IRC will be kicked. If you wish to access the NSFW channel, you must be at least Level 5 and request a NSFW pass from staff. Staff reserves itself the right to ask for your real age before issuing NSFW passes.
    • #shrine is a Discord-only channel and is not bridged to IRC. This is a chatroom reserved for heavy topic discussion (politics, religion, venting, serious stuff in general) as defined in Rule 2. As it is unbridged, the bots cannot be used there. Shrine passes are automatically awarded to users reaching Level 5 on discord, but if staff believes your attitude or behavior is too disruptive, your shrine pass may be taken away. We stress that users on #shrine MUST remain absolutely excellent to each other and nothing less.
  • #6: Please do not post NSFW content except in the designated channels. Please use #MzWGamma (IRC) or #club380 (Discord) if you wish to post NSFW links, and follow the rules relative to the NSFW channel.
  • #7: Please keep bot usage reasonable and do not abuse MazeBot commands. If you wish to spam MazeBot commands, please use #MzWBotspam (IRC) or #botspam (Discord).

NSFW channel rules

We reasonably assume that everyone on our Discord and IRC servers are responsible, reasonable, discerning and knowledgeable adults.

Access and usage of the NSFW channel is first and foremost a privilege. NSFW matters are not the primary focus of our services or our community.

The general rule of thumb is that any content posted on the NSFW channel should be appreciable and appreciated by the most people possible. The key words: "Keep it vanilla, keep it simple, keep anything else out of view and properly tagged."

The type of adult content that can be posted must follow certain rules:

  • N0: The staff reserves itself the right to define what is and isn't allowed at any and all times. If you're not sure whether something is okay, then assume it falls under N3 and de-embed/tag. You may also DM staff if you're not sure.
    • De-embedding links can be done by surrounding a link with < > symbols. Example here.
    • "Tagging" refers to the act of warning beforehand what sort of content can be expected before you click a link, so that users who may not want to see this sort of thing have a chance to avoid it before finding out themselves.
  • N1: Any content that is generally speaking real-life porn, whether amateur or professional, is allowed so long as it is vanilla and appreciable by most people.
  • N2: Any content that is generally speaking drawn porn (hentai, etc.) is allowed as well, so long as it is vanilla, is professionally made (no badly drawn characters, no awful art), and appreciable by most people.
  • N3: Any content that may generally not be considered vanilla must be de-embedded and tagged appropriately. Anything that does not fit the descriptions in N1 or N2, but is not explicitly disallowed as in N4. Consider anything you're not sure about to fall under N3.
    • In particular, anything furry, feral, or anthropomorphic falls under that rule and must be tagged as such.
  • N4: Content that is not allowed, period, includes the following:
    • Dick pics and other pictures depicting you personally - please take it to DM. No exceptions.
    • Very extreme or hardcore kinks (loli/shota, gore/guro, scat, vore, any other approaching extreme kinks)
    • Illegal content under United States federal law. Users found to be posting illegal content are liable to an immediate permanent ban, and any relevant information staff has on infringing users will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.


In increasing order of gravity, staff may see fit to do any of the following to inform an infringing user that they are breaking the rules:

  • Warning
  • Muting (Discord)
  • Kicking
  • Temporary banning
  • Permanent banning

For specific infractions related to pass-restricted channels, such as #shrine or #nsfw-club380, infringing users are also liable to temporarily or permanently lose the passes allowing access to these channels.

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