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Disposition Neutral
Can be found in the UA? No box.png
This occupation is open to:
Human icon.png Yes box.png
Halfling icon.png Yes box.png
Youkai icon.png Yes box.png

A butler is a specialized worker in charge of managing a villa or a hotel.


Clothing and armor

Human/Halfling clothing and armor:

  • Top: Butler suit
  • Bottom: Butler trousers
  • Footwear: Leather shoes

Youkai outfit: Classy outfit

Load-bearing equipment

Equipment and inventory

Equipped weapons:


Other information

Skills: Species' natural skills + the following:

  • Combat skills: Skilled (Semi-auto pistol, Knife)

Occupation traits:

  • Restricted occupation: The amount of characters that can hold this occupation is restricted to max 1 per hotel or villa.


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

A butler is a specialized worker with managerial, organizational, and housekeeping skills.

Two types of butlers are differentiated; the private butler, who manages a privately owned villa, and the hotel butler, who, as the name indicates, manages a hotel. An equivalent real-life term would be maitre d'.

In most cases, butlers are employed by the property owner, who is often referred to using an honorific, most commonly the master/mistress of the house (or simply Master/Mistress). The relationship between butlers and masters varies between houses, but in most cases, butlers are first and foremost the master's best friend, assistant, and confidant.

In rarer instances, the butler of a hotel or villa is also themselves the master/mistress of the house; this generally occurs when the previous owner has died and has not passed their property on to another person.

In both hotels and private villas, the butler manages a team of selected citizens called housekeepers or house staff. The duties, uniforms, equipment, and etiquette to be followed by the house staff are generally all at the butler's discretion, though the owner may issue directives.

Together with their housekeeping team, the butler's primary purpose is to keep the property clean and in working order. In hotels, they also serve as receptionists, welcoming guests, assigning rooms, and answering to their every need and demand.