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Books are collections of pages containing information (in the form of text, images, or both), bound together to form a singular object.


As items, the primary purpose of a book is relieving Stress. When reading, roll (1d41+39)*0.1; the result, ranging between 4.0 and 8.0, is the amount of Stress the character heals. Reading a book will also cause time to advance by one period.

Reading a book should only be done outside of combat and in a relatively safe environment; the GM may declare it's not the time if they feel the situation is not appropriate.

Books are infinitely reusable and re-readable, it is therefore safe to keep one in the inventory for reading during downtime or safe situations. There are many different book titles and genres, which can be seen by using the &book command.


Bookshelf and Bookshelves redirects here.

A bookshelf is a piece of furniture designed to hold and organize books.

In most town facilities except libraries, bookshelves hold 1d12 books and are generally free to take. In a library, a typical bookshelf may hold over 100 books but they are not free to take, as the purpose of a library is to trade books.