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Books are collections of pages containing information (in the form of text, images, or both), bound together to form a singular object.


As items, the primary purpose of a book is relieving Stress. A book heals -2.0% Stress. However, the effect is limited to once per title per day. Each title already read during the day should be added to a "Read today" list, as it will allow the players and the GM to keep track of which books have been read during the current day.

Books are infinitely reusable and re-readable, it is therefore safe to keep one in the inventory for reading during downtime or safe situations. There are many different book titles and genres, which can be seen by using the &book command.

Object line:

  • [Book] A book. Title: &book - Stress -2.0%, once per day only. (No effect if read again in the same day) - Weight: 1


  • If your character has the Killjoy trait, reading a book heals -1.0% Stress instead.
  • If your character has the Vivid imagination trait, reading a book heals -4.0% Stress instead.


Bookshelf and Bookshelves redirects here.

A bookshelf is a piece of furniture designed to hold and organize books.

In most town facilities except libraries, bookshelves hold 1d12 books and are generally free to take. In a library, a typical bookshelf may hold over 100 books but they are not free to take, as the purpose of a library is to trade books.