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Backlash is an ability and a combat technique.


This technique involves a specific use of whip/lash weapons in such a way that it strikes multiple times per swing, resulting in multiple hits if done correctly.


This ability is not initially available and must be unlocked. To unlock this ability, your character must reach Expert level in the Whip/Lash weapons combat skill.

Once unlocked, to be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with the following:

  • Any weapon belonging to the Whip/Lash weapon category.


If you meet the skill and weapon requirements, you can perform Backlash. When active, attack as you normally would and count the amount of hits.

For every successful hit, roll a 1d2-1; for every 1 rolled, your target sustains an additional hit, which will deal 0.5x your weapon's Pain and Limb Damage.