Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum

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Weapon, Class 1
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum
Accuracy Intl AWSM.jpg
Game information
Category Precision rifle
Fire modes Bolt-action
Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum
Barrel length (inches) 27
Feeding system Box magazine
+1 round in chamber? Yes
Critical failure type Failure to fire
Stock type Folding (FS)
Weight (units) 30
Max condition 15500
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png2450 (Rarity 5)
Accessory compatibility
Feeding AWSM magazines
Standard: AWSM 5-round magazine
Muzzle Standard devices
Standard: Muzzle brake,
Rifle, standard, .338
Optics NATO mount
Standard: Scope, PMII (12x)
Underbarrel mount N/A
Standard: None
Lights N/A
Standard: None
Real world information
Manufacturer Accuracy International
Country of origin United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Year 1997
"This rifle has inspired an entire generation of people to scream "BOOM, HEADSHOT!" enthusiastically after having blown apart someone's head at clearly unreasonably close ranges. Whether you are a serious operator or the sort of person that would buy a futuristic white-and-orange toy-gun paint job, the Arctic Warfare Super Magnum is a safe buy for anybody looking for a powerful, dependable, bolt-action precision rifle. Just, please, do me a favor. Don't call it "AWP"."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum (often shortened to AI AWSM or AWSM) is a .338 Lapua Magnum precision rifle.

Maze Customs

This weapon can receive the following minor customization services:

  • Tactical conversion: L115A3 LRR

L115A3 LRR

The L115A3 LRR is a simple upgrade of the AI AWSM, fitting the rifle with a bipod for maximum accuracy. The rifle is otherwise unchanged, but this simple upgrade serves to maximize the AWSM's accuracy and usefulness for precision shooting.


  • Underbarrel mount: Becomes Bipod (integrated).