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.50 BMG
.50 BMG.jpg
Game information
All information listed assumes Standard FMJ (Reg/SP/FMJ)
Category (R)ifle caliber
Recoil level 7
Cost per round Parallar symbol.png 35.00
Weight per round (units) 0.1
Quantity (retail box/bulk can) 10 / 100
Damage tables
Type LDV C1 C2 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +9 783% 714% 634% 515% 396% 198% 59%
Handloading information
Primer type Machine gun
Powder type Rifle powder
Projectile type .510, 800 grain
Cost per case Parallar symbol.png 9.50
Standard load (SP) 2850 pwdr
Cold load (-P) 2565 pwdr
Hot load (+P) N/A pwdr
Super load (+P+) N/A pwdr
Real world information
Ref. barrel length (inches) 29 (Barrett M82)
Muzzle velocity 809 m/s (2654 ft/s)
Muzzle energy 16954 Joule (12505 ft-lbf)
Country of origin United States (48 stars).png United States
Year 1921

.50 BMG is a type of ammunition for firearms. It is classified as a (R)ifle caliber.

This cartridge was originally designed for use in the Browning M1921 and Browning M2 heavy machine guns, neither of which are man-portable firearms. Many decades after its introduction as a heavy machine gun round, it was adapted for use in specialized heavy precision rifles, known in real life as anti-materiel rifles (AMR). These rifles can be thought of as the spiritual successors to anti-tank rifles. The first modern AMR was the Barrett M82, a predecessor to the Barrett M82A1M featured in the game. It must be noted that in the Mazes, AMR stands instead for anti-monster rifle.

.50 BMG is pronounced fifty B-M-G.

This caliber may also be known as .50 Browning Machine Gun (full name), .50 Browning, and sometimes 12.7x99mm. It may also be referred to as simply .50, though it is not recommended, as it may be confused with the other .50 caliber cartridges in the game. The letters "BMG" are sometimes jokingly said to mean Big Motherfucking Gun as well.


Base weapons

There are 5 base weapons chambered in this caliber.

Class 1 weapons:

Barrel length groups

The reference barrel length belongs to the group listed in italics.

Group name Barrel length range Damage multiplier
Short rifle Up to 23.9" 0.85x
Rifle 24" and up 1.0x

Retail information

.50 BMG ammunition can be purchased in gun shops and weapon shops in boxes of 10 rounds or bulk cans of 100 rounds.

The following brands and projectile types are available in retail:

Brand name Composition Available projectile types
Standard Reg/SP FMJ (1.0x)
T (1.1x)
Match (3.0x)
AP (1.5x)
API (2.5x)
Reduced Velocity Reg/-P FMJ (0.9x)
Milsurp Surp/SP FMJ (0.25x)
T (0.275x)
Sniper Premium Prem/SP FMJ (3.0x)
Match (9.0x)

The multipliers listed correspond to the value multipliers to cost of ammunition provided by powder type, pressure level, and projectile type. They are included on this table as a convenience, in order to tell at a glance the cost of a given brand and projectile combination.

Maze Customs

Availability of .50 BMG as a Customs family chambering:
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