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.45-70 Government
.45-70 Government (Lead).jpg
Cartridge with Lead bullet
Game information
All information listed assumes Standard FMJ (Reg/SP/FMJ)
Category (P)istol caliber
Recoil level 3
Cost per round Parallar symbol.png 4.00
Weight per round (units) 0.05
Quantity (retail box/bulk can) 20 / 200
Damage tables
Type LDV C1 C2 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5
Bullet +4 147% 133% 118% 96% 74% 37% 11%
Handloading information
Primer type Large rifle
Powder type Rifle powder
Projectile type .458, 405 grain
Cost per case Parallar symbol.png 1.166
Standard load (SP) 198 pwdr
Cold load (-P) 178 pwdr
Hot load (+P) 218 pwdr
Super load (+P+) 238 pwdr
Real world information
Ref. barrel length (inches) 22 (Marlin 1895)
Muzzle velocity 457 m/s (1501 ft/s)
Muzzle energy 2745 Joule (2025 ft-lbf)
Country of origin United States (37 stars).png United States
Year 1873

.45-70 Government is a type of ammunition for firearms. Despite ostensibly being a cartridge intended for rifles, it is classified as a (P)istol caliber.

When this cartridge was first invented, it was loaded with blackpowder. With the advent of smokeless powder, the amount of powder required to reach the same velocities as with blackpowder was greatly reduced, leaving a lot of empty space in the case. As such it became possible to load .45-70 in a much greater variety of loads, from low-powered loads replicating blackpowder performance, to powerful, high-velocity modern loads that are unsafe to fire in blackpowder-era firearms, such as the Springfield Trapdoor rifle.
Because only (P)istol calibers have access to +P and +P+ loads, .45-70 in the game was therefore classified as such, in an attempt to represent what is possible in real life with this cartridge.

.45-70 Government is pronounced forty-five seventy Government. The name comes from a combination of the bullet diameter (0.45 inch) and the amount of grains of blackpowder (70 grains) that one loaded cartridge contained. Modern propellants may not be loaded with the same quantity of powder, but the name was retained.

This caliber may also be known as .45-70 Gov't (a shortening of Government), or simply .45-70. There is no formal metric designation for this caliber, but if one existed, it would likely be 11.43x53mm R.


Base weapons

There are 8 base weapons chambered in this caliber.

Class 1 weapons:

Class 3 weapons:

Barrel length groups

The reference barrel length belongs to the group listed in italics.

Group name Barrel length range Damage multiplier
Handgun Up to 12" 0.7x
Carbine 12.1" - 19.9" 0.95x
Rifle 20" and up 1.0x

Retail information

.45-70 Government ammunition can be purchased in gun shops and weapon shops in boxes of 20 rounds or bulk cans of 200 rounds.

The following brands and projectile types are available in retail:

Brand name Composition Available projectile types
Standard Reg/SP FMJ (1.0x)
Lead (0.5x)
LSWC (0.8x)
JHP (1.5x)
JSP (1.2x)
Reduced Velocity Reg/-P FMJ (0.9x)
Lead (0.45x)
Big game Reg/+P FMJ (1.1x)
Lead (0.55x)
LSWC (0.88x)
JHP (1.65x)

The multipliers listed correspond to the value multipliers to cost of ammunition provided by powder type, pressure level, and projectile type. They are included on this table as a convenience, in order to tell at a glance the cost of a given brand and projectile combination.

Maze Customs

Availability of .45-70 Government as a Customs family chambering:
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