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A weapon shop is a type of individual shop that sells multiple types of weapons, ammunition, and related accessories. A weapon shop may belong to one of three different chains, which determines the inventory available.

Shop rules

Opening hours:

  • Towns: 24 hours a day, six days per week. Closed on Firesday for inventory.
  • Intersections: 12 hours a day (night shift only), six days per week. Closed on Firesday for inventory.

Weapon shops sell the following items:

Weapons shops may also:

  • Buy back items of all types sold here, at the following rates:
    • Weapons of a category corresponding to the shop chain: 50% of the item's shop value
    • All other items: For 25% of the item's shop value
  • Accept payment in cash or appraised valuables
  • Provide store credit (valid at all stores of the same chain)
    • Shops do not normally return change; it is automatically converted into store credit instead.
  • Transfer store credit into a customer's bank account (for a fee, see Bank).
  • Provide a delivery service into a customer's bank vault (for a fee and if the vault has enough space remaining, see Bank)

Chains and locations

Each chain only sells weapons of the listed Classes:

Boom Bang & Beyond: Class 1 and Class 4 weapons:

Long & Short Weaponry: Class 2 and Class 5 Long weapons:

The Close Quarters Company: Class 3, Class 5 Short, and Class Handgear weapons:

Special: Wilco Weapons

  • Wilco Weapons is a unique weapon shop located in Calfair Sector. This shop sells weapons of all Classes, effectively making every single retail weapon in the Mazes available there.

Shop generation

This section is intended for GMs.


  • If the weapon requested by the customer does not belong to a category covered by the shop chain, it can never be found for sale.
  • If the weapon requested does belong to a category covered by the shop chain, roll 1d7 then subtract the weapon's Rarity. The result is the amount in stock. (If the result is zero or negative, the item is out of stock).
  • If the customer is not requesting a specific weapon, the shop owner should make suggestions to the customer or ask questions about their needs. (See tip below)
Advanced tip
A little roleplaying goes a long way! If your players (as customers) do not know what they're looking for, pull up one of the weapon lists and organize them by category. While in character as the shop owner, do as real gun shop owners and weapon retailers would: ask questions to determine what the customer needs or wants, then offer suggestions accordingly.
For extra roleplaying depth, if the shop owner is supposed to be a little biased, dishonest, or trying to push for a specific brand or model, play that role and steer the customer towards that expensive item...


  • Weapon shops are intended to carry every possible caliber for the weapons covered by their chain.
  • Customer may request ammunition of a particular caliber, as long as the chain covers it. If the chain's focus does not cover the caliber, it is never in stock.
  • If the caliber requested is covered by the shop chain, roll 2d10-2 to determine the number of retail ammunition boxes in stock. If the result is between 9 and 17, a bulk can is also in stock. If the result is 18, two bulk cans are in stock.
  • After determining that their choice's calibers are in stock, the customer may select a retail box or bulk can of their chosen caliber, then request a particular brand and projectile type. There is no method to randomly roll these; if there are boxes in stock, the customer gets to "choose" what they want; balancing is provided naturally through the cost of ammunition (the good stuff costs a lot more, the surplus stuff is pretty cheap).

Feeding systems

  • Weapon shops are intended to carry every possible feeding system for the weapons covered by their chain.
  • The customer is expected to request a feeding system for a compatible weapon that could be in stock, regardless of whether that weapon actually is in stock or sold out.
  • If the requested feeding system is compatible with a weapon covered by the weapon shop's chain, roll 1d10-4, divide the result by the requested item's weight, then round down. The result is the amount of items of the requested type in stock.

Other weapon accessories

  • Weapon shops are intended to carry every possible type of weapon accessory outside of feeding devices.
  • The customer is expected to request a particular weapon accessory. Standard price-based generation method applies to determine quantity in stock:
    • Less than Parallar symbol.png250: 1d40-5 items in stock.
    • Parallar symbol.png250 - 499.99: 1d30-5 items in stock.
    • Parallar symbol.png500 - 999.99: 1d25-5 items in stock.
    • Parallar symbol.png1000 - 1999.99: 1d15-5 items in stock.
    • Parallar symbol.png2000 and higher: 1d10-5 items in stock.

Handloading items

  • 1 of each handloading kit
  • 1d4-1 boxes of primers of each type
  • 1d4-1 boxes of casings of each type
  • 1d4-1 boxes of wads of each type
  • 1d4-1 jars of powder of each type and quality level
  • * 1d4-1 boxes of projectile of each dimension type. Actual projectile type is requested by the customer, balance is provided by the cost of each projectile type (similarly to complete ammunition).

Miscellaneous items