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** <s>[[Meds]]</s>
** <s>[[Meds]]</s>
** <s>[[Mushrooms]]</s>
** <s>[[Mushrooms]]</s>
** Clothing
** [[Clothing]]
*** Human clothing and armor
*** Human clothing and armor
*** Trauma plates
*** Trauma plates

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Personal information
Aliases SU_Tempest
Real name Corentin Bernard
Gender Male
Date of birth July 20, 1993
Hails from Brittany.png Brittany
Roles Author
Lead administrator
Discord Tempest#5018
E-mail tempest@hotmail.fr

Hi! I'm Tempest. I'm the author of MazeWorld. I also made and currently maintain the Tsuchinoko Discord bot.

I'll build a proper user page later! For now, it's my personal to-do list.

To-do list

  • Testing of wiki functions in progress on the sandbox Should be OK now
  • Finish the game Done
  • Recruiting wiki helpers OK for now but extra help is always welcome
  • Give roles and tasks to wiki helpers OK
  • Activating wiki visibility (turn it read-only for non-wiki helpers) Done
  • Move this wiki to mazeworld.net and the old wiki to old.mazeworld.net
  • Planning the overall structure of the wiki. In progress, doing as it comes
  • Write the damn wiki. Alright cowboy, strap in, we're in for the long run


  • Basics
    • Getting started guide
    • Game mechanics
    • For Game Masters
      • (The use of dice bots and Tsuchinoko to generate everything: Items, NPCs, UA rooms, etc.)
      • (The GM is the master of time! How to calculate time, turns passed, and the effects of passing time/turns on the player)
  • Items
    • Weapons
    • Weapon accessories (finish writing all of the introductory blurb)
      • Feeding systems (Moon clips, Speed strips, Speedloaders, Magazines, Stripper clips, Ammo belt boxes, Belt links, Reload packs)
      • Muzzle devices (Muzzle brakes, Silencers, Shotgun chokes, Bayonets)
      • Underbarrel devices (Bipods, Foregrips, Underbarrel grenade launchers, Underbarrel shotguns)
      • Optics (Scopes, Red dot sights, Reflex sights, Optical addons)
      • Lights (Weapon lights, Laser sights, Dual light/laser)
    • Ammunition
      • Individual caliber pages
    • Food (Big table instead of one page per item)
      • Post-convenience store/rations update changes
    • Meds
    • Mushrooms
    • Clothing
      • Human clothing and armor
      • Trauma plates
      • Youkai outfits
    • Load-bearing equipment
      • Tactical vests
      • Backpacks
      • Utility belts
      • Leg rigs
    • Valuables
      • Coins
      • Valuable metals
      • Gems
    • Ores
      • Metal ores
      • Gemstone ores
      • Serpentium
    • Crafting items
      • Toolkits
      • Blueprints
      • Crafting ingredient items
      • Specifications Documents (Specs Docs)
    • Handloading
      • Kits
      • Primers
      • Cases/Hulls, Wads (unprimed/spent and primed)
      • Powders
      • Projectiles
    • Supply crates
    • Miscellaneous items
      • Key items
      • Books
  • Locations
    • The UA
      • Roomstyles
      • Explorable areas
    • Towns and intersections
      • (All types of areas within towns and intersections; shops, services, facilities, etc.)
  • Creatures (formerly known as "encounters")
    • (no longer differentiate different occupations as though they were separate species - occupations determine equipment, there could simply be variations depending on species, just as some occupations have equipment variations based on gender)
    • (operating logic should be as such: species -> occupation -> specific character)
    • (review and revise the non-sapients bestiary)
    • (creature event line update which should provide some basic information besides just name and category)
  • Lore, fluff, in-universe (Regarding the placement of lore and fluff elements; if it can be weaved into a specific article, devote a section to it. If it requires its own page, make sure that this page belongs to Category:Lore. In all cases, place Template:Lore as needed.)
    • (Factbook content)
    • (Content from Tempest's documents)
    • (Creative writing)
  • Meta
    • (Bot commands, the changelog, user pages, etc.)
    • (Wiki-related pages: templates, etc.)


Author approved.jpg
Author approved.