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noframe This page is missing a Hebiquote.
You can help by writing one for this page. Please refer to the style guide for pointers on how to write one.

Hebizuka quotes (or Hebiquotes) are the top-of-the-page blocks of text written from Hebizuka's perspective, and are used to give flavor and description to item pages.

There are certain rules and guidelines to follow in order to keep them in the spirit of the game:

  • Keep the quote short, but not too short. It needs to be at least one full line, but try not to go above 5-6 lines tops. You're writing a quote, not a novel. Sometimes it might be necessary to talk at length about the item and its features, but most of the times, not. Try to go for the latter. Sum up in a few lines what it is about, why it's cool, notable or important. Or even why it's not.
  • No references to real-world places or people. Hebizuka is speaking from her point of view, in the Mazes, and presenting you the item using terms that an average inhabitant of the Mazes should know. You can lean on the fourth wall by making subtle references (in fact, that's encouraged), but don't break it outright, it still needs to sound like something that would make sense to an average inhabitant of the Mazes.
    • Example 1: An average MazeWorld inhabitant may know what Heckler & Koch is ("Oh, yeah! The gun brand, right?"), but they have no idea what Germany is. ("What's a 'German' gun? I thought the MP5 was a submachine gun.")
  • Think sales speech, not clinical description. These quotes are supposed to be funny and spoken from personal opinion, though they should never outright demean or belittle the item (or you, for considering it). If it's an item with a particularly poor reputation (e.g. Hi-point, Bryco...) make light of it while still trying to sell it or show off its good sides.
  • Describe the object first, the kind of people that would use it second. Talking about the sort of people that would use this particular item is useful to contextualize and describe the item, but don't abuse it. Keep the quote about the item.

You can find the current list of pages that need a quote here. Any page other than this page and Category:Templates count as such.