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Northeastern Zone
Town facts
Settled in E7-214, Heptima
Population size Medium
Local laws Independent
Youkai Nation laws
Geographic connections
North N/A
East Intersection 02 (_/_/D)
South Intersection 03 (_/F/D)
West N/A
How to read (S/F/D) route notation

Kazama (Youkai-go: 風間, pronounced kah-zah-mah) is a medium Youkai Nation town located in the Northeastern Zone.

Kazama was founded in E7-214, sometime during the month of Heptima, as part of the Youkai Expansion Plan, to answer the needs of an ever-increasing youkai population. Kazama was named after its founder and first mayor, Yoshimi Kazama.

Like most towns controlled by the Youkai Nation, the local town population is mainly composed of youkai, with a tiny minority of humans and halflings.

Kazama's mining facility, the only one in the Northeastern Zone, is one of the most important sources of revenue for the Youkai Nation, producing large amounts of raw materials used in many of the factories and other facilities in the Nation's territory, or traded with other towns and communities.

Local laws

Kazama is an independent town under the control of the Youkai Nation, which does not follow Standard Law. The following rules are in place:

  • Law enforcement is managed by the local Town Security, but may be superseded by the local activist cells. Local residents are encouraged to assist Town Security in their duties, particularly in regard to town and community defense.
  • All species are equal under youkai rule, but individuals who threaten the integrity and the independence of the Youkai Nation are treated as enemies. Enemies are to be imprisoned or eliminated.
  • Individuals and groups associated with the Maze Military are not allowed to enter the town, regardless of whether they're active duty or retired, in uniform or not. Breaking this rule will be treated as an invasion, against which lethal force is legal.
  • Inciting unrest and division through pro-Military or anti-youkai propaganda will result in being removed from the town. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned and treated as enemies of the town.

Local town facilities

If a local shop or facility has a name or belongs to a particular chain, it is italicized.