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* '''FSK''': Field Surgery Kit
* '''FSK''': Field Surgery Kit
=== [[Weapons]] ===
=== [[Weapons]] and attacks in general ===
* '''Bayo''': Bayonet
* '''Bayo''': Bayonet
* '''MAPT''': Max Attacks Per Turn
* '''UGL''': Underbarrel grenade launcher
* '''UGL''': Underbarrel grenade launcher
* '''USG''': Underbarrel shotgun
* '''USG''': Underbarrel shotgun

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This page is intended to be a general-purpose glossary of the most common terms, shorthands and abbreviations used throughout this wiki.

General game terms

  • Agi: Agility
  • FT: Failure Threshold
  • GM: Game Master
  • HP: Hit Points
  • IR: Inaccuracy Range
  • IS: Initiative Speed
  • NPC: Non-Player Character
  • P$: Shorthand for the Parallar symbol (Parallar symbol.png), used to denote monetary value
  • PC: Player Character
  • Side: Battlespace Side
  • Unsp or Unsp.: Unsparable

Ammunition and Handloading

  • AP: Armor piercing
  • API: Armor piercing, incendiary
  • APX: Armor piercing, eXtreme
  • BRD: Broadhead arrowhead
  • Buck: Buckshot
    • P-Buck: Plated buckshot
    • R-Buck: Rubber buckshot
  • CYA: Cyanide arrowhead
  • FLD: Field arrowhead
  • Flech: Flechette
  • FMJ: Full metal jacketed
  • Frag: Fragmentation
  • FRAG-12: Explosive slug (12 refers to 12 gauge)
  • Gr or gr: Grain (unit of mass)
  • HE: High-Explosive
  • HPX: Hollow point, eXtreme
  • IMP: Improvised arrowhead
  • JHP: Jacketed hollow point
  • JSP: Jacketed soft point
  • LSWC: Lead, semi-wadcutter
  • LSWCHP: Lead, semi-wadcutter, hollow point
  • Match: Match-grade
  • NRM: Normal arrowhead
  • P: Pressure indicator
    • -P: Reduced pressure
    • SP: Standard pressure
    • +P: High pressure
    • +P+: Very high pressure
  • Prem: Premium powder
  • Primers:
    • LP: Large Pistol
    • LR: Large Rifle
    • LRM: Large Rifle Magnum
    • MG: Machine Gun
    • SP: Small Pistol
    • SR: Small Rifle
    • SS: Shotshell
  • Reg: Regular powder
  • SF: Sintered metal, Frangible
  • Slug: Shotgun slug (usually made out of bare lead)
    • F-Slug: Full metal jacketed slug
    • HP-Slug: Hollow point slug
    • I-Slug: Incendiary slug
    • R-Slug: Rubber slug
  • Surp: Surplus powder
  • TNQ: Tranquilizer arrowhead
  • UHS: Ultra High Speed
  • VNM: Venom arrowhead
  • XPL: Explosive arrowhead

Crafting items

  • GCK: Gun Cleaning Kit
  • GRK: Gun Repair Kit
  • HITB or HITB battery: Hebizuka Industrial Technology Battery
  • MRK: Melee (weapon) Repair Kit
  • PSK: Portable Stove Kit


  • BTK: Blood Transfusion Kit
  • FAK: First Aid Kit
  • FSK: Field Surgery Kit

Weapons and attacks in general

  • Bayo: Bayonet
  • MAPT: Max Attacks Per Turn
  • UGL: Underbarrel grenade launcher
  • USG: Underbarrel shotgun