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Crafting is both the name of a non-combat skill and an associated activity.

Crafting lets a character combine ingredient items and/or raw materials to form better, more useful items that usually cannot be obtained through any other method.


A character wishing to craft items needs the following:

  • A crafting toolkit, essential for combining ingredient items together.
  • A suitable recipe
  • All required ingredient items
  • Optional, any optional ingredient items (e.g. 4.2x30mm R ammunition for the Golden Gun)
  • Optional, but helpful: Blueprints.

Crafting process

As hinted in the requirements listed above, all a character needs in order to craft items is a toolkit, knowledge of a recipe, and all of the corresponding ingredient items. Crafting toolkits are consumable items, with a maximum of 20 uses each.

If a character is in possession of all of the necessary ingredients and a crafting toolkit, they may burn 1 use from their crafting toolkit in order to make an attempt at actually putting together the desired object. Every time this is done, a 1d100 must be rolled; the result must be equal or lower than the chance of crafting success (expressed as a percentage) in order to successfully craft an item. If the result is higher than the chance of success, then nothing happens other than one crafting toolkit use being spent.

The chance of success depends on these factors:

  • The item level, which determines the base chance of success (the higher the level, the more complex the item is, and therefore the lower the percentage of success)
    • Level 1 items: 75% base chance
    • Level 2 items: 50% base chance
    • Level 3 items: 20% base chance
  • The character's Crafting skill level (a higher skill level increases the chances of success)
  • Whether the character has a corresponding blueprint, which increases chance of success by an extra +15%.

Naturally, if the chance of success were to reach a value higher than 100%, it is treated as 100% instead.

Crafting recipes

See Blueprints for a list of recipes, required and optional ingredient items.

Crafting skill levels

The Crafting skill level influences chance of crafting success.

Successfully crafting an item will result in gaining 1 Skill Point in Crafting skill.

Skill level SP Effects
Unskilled 0 No bonus to chance of crafting success
Basic 5 +10% to chance of crafting success
Skilled 25 +20% to chance of crafting success
Expert 50 +30% to chance of crafting success
Master 100 +40% to chance of crafting success


  • SP: Skill Points needed to reach this level