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Threat level 1
Basic statistics
Disposition Afraid
Armor Class C1
Pain Sensitivity 500%
Max Blood 4
Agility +0
Limb groups
HEAD Head - 2 HP
BODY Body - 14 HP
LIMB 2 wings - 4 HP
2 legs - 4 HP
Secondary statistics
Skeleton type Has bones.png
Can use Weapons/LBE? No box.png
Can use Clothing and armor? No box.png

The chimken is a creature belonging to the Birds category.

Attacks and techniques

This creature has no attacks at all, nor does it have the ability to use weapons. Therefore it is completely defenseless.

Other information

Creature traits:

  • Unable to open doors: This creature cannot escape during combat, nor can it leave the room it is found into unless guided, helped, or carried out in some way or another.


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

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