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This page lists any significant updates made to the game from Version 5 onwards. Smaller changes and fixes which aren't enough to constitute an update, particularly if they are meant to fix or modify errors, typos or inconsistencies with event lines, will usually be listed in the Tsuchinoko updates instead.

September 6th 2019 (2)

Version 5.43 (part 3) - The SteveMRE Konbini update part 3/3: Convenience stores

Convenience stores

  • Convenience stores are a new shop type which replaces the previously existing takeout stands.
  • Convenience stores are a type of individual shop, sharing the same layout as other types of individual shops.
  • The purpose of convenience stores is to sell a fixed inventory of items considered to be basic necessities. Unlike most other shops in the Mazes, the majority of their inventory is not random.
  • Items sold at convenience stores are divided in four aisles: Food aisle, Ammo aisle, First Aid aisle, and Misc aisle.
  • Each convenience store belongs to one of five chains; 24-Seven, Fusco's Bodega, Angelstop, Circle H and Tomato Konbini. Each chain has their own traits and extra features, such as raffle tickets for every 250 P$ of purchases, extra gear, or extra services.

September 6th 2019 (1)

Version 5.43 (part 2) - The SteveMRE Konbini update part 2/3: New and improved rations, new food items

This is the second part out of a series of three updates.

New food items

  • 11 new and improved rations have been introduced, replacing the previous 3 completely.
  • New category of food item, powdered drinks. Powdered drinks are inedible on their own, but can be combined with a bottle of water to create a drink.
    • 8 powdered drink packets, and 8 corresponding crafting-only beverages introduced.
  • 20 new types of regular food items introduced, many of which can be found in the new rations.

All of the new items have been added to the Food page.

Other changes

  • New crafting item, the Mini-bag of 5 safety matches, which is found in many rations, but can also be found for sale at Workshops for Parallar symbol.png0.10 apiece.

September 5th 2019

Version 5.43 (part 1) - The SteveMRE Konbini update part 1/3: Changes to consumables

This is the first part out of a series of three updates.

The effects of many consumables have been modified.

General changes to all consumables

  • All consumables that previously listed a percentage chance to get an effect, now always give the listed effect. The percentage chance effects have been scrapped.

Changes to Effects

  • Nausea is now a permanent effect that gives the afflicted creature an IR +1 effect and a nauseous sensation. This effect can, however, be eliminated by attempting to throw up. Even if the attempt fails, Nausea will always be eliminated this way.
    • All references to Nausea having a turn duration have also been eliminated.
  • Suppressed hunger has been completely rewritten, and now works as follows: If Hungry, Famished or Starving, this effect will treat the creature's Nutrition level as being OK (temporarily canceling any negative effects from low nutrition).

Changes to food

  • Can of cola drink: No longer provides Agility +1 and Alertness increase - still affects Fatigue and Stress
  • Can of lemonade: No longer provides any effects besides nutrition and hydration
  • Can of energy drink: No longer provides Strength +10%, but the effect is lengthened from 15 to 20 turns, and now also reduces Fatigue by 5.0% and increases Stress by 0.5%.
  • Cup of tea, green: Effect now increases alertness instead of Agility, effect now lasts 10 turns
  • Cup of tea, black: Effect now increases alertness instead of Agility, effect now lasts 10 turns
  • All game meat boosting Strength or Alertness: All effects now last 20 turns instead of 2 or 3 turns.
  • Hot-gon (exclusive to Diamond Hot-Dogs): Effect now lasts 20 turns

Changes to meds

Many medical items have had their effects completely rewritten. These are the new effects for the following items:

  • Cannabis joint: Agility -1, Pain Regeneration Rate +2% /turn for 20 turns, Stress -1.0%
  • Cigarette: Agility +1, FT -1 for 10 turns
  • Nitrous oxide: Pain Sensitivity -50%, Euphoria Rush for 10 turns
  • Amphetamines: Agility +2, Alertness increase, FT -1 for 20 turns, Stress +3.0%
  • Pentobarbital: Instant death in 20 turns
  • Steroids (anabolic): Strength +40% for 20 turns
  • FG-7142: Suppressed hunger for 40 turns, Stress +8.0%
  • Desoxyn (meth pill): Alertness increase, Forced wakefulness for 20 turns, Fatigue -30.0%, Stress +10.0%
  • Oxycodone: FT+1 for 10 turns, Pain -50%
  • Epinephrine: Agility +3, Fatigue -10.0%, Stress +8.0%
  • Heroin: Pain sensitivity -100%, FT+2 for 30 turns, Pain -90%
  • Lorazepam: Forced sleep for 30 turns
  • Morphine: Pain sensitivity -75%, Agility -2 for 30 turns, Pain -70%
  • Cocaine: Pain sensitivity -100%, Alertness increase, Hallucinations for 20 turns
  • PCP: Pain sensitivity -50%, Alertness increase for 20 turns
  • Codeine: Nausea, Pain -40%
  • Concentrated caffeine: Alertness increase, Agility +1 for 10 turns, Fatigue -12.0%, Stress +1.2%
  • Diazepam: Alertness increase, FT-2 for 20 turns
  • Ecstasy: Intense relaxation, Euphoria Rush for 40 turns

Changes to mushrooms

Many mushrooms have had their effects completely rewritten. These are the new effects for the following items:

  • Oni's Bane mushroom: Anti-oni syndrome for 10 turns
  • Golden cap, Liberty cap: Hallucinations for 10 turns
  • Infirmitas: Strength -20% for 10 turns, Nausea
  • Turbatio: FT+1 for 10 turns
  • Oni Terror: Anti-Oni Syndrome for 30 turns, Nausea
  • Fatigatio: Fatigue +30.0%
  • Caecitas: FT +3 for 20 turns
  • Potentia: Strength +20% for 20 turns
  • Accuratio: FT -1 for 20 turns
  • Anxietas Medicus: Stress -10.0%
  • Strenuitas: Alertness increase for 20 turns
  • Velocitas: Agility +1 for 20 turns
  • Extra Velocitas: Agility +2 for 20 turns
  • Furor: Rage for 20 turns

July 21st 2019

Version 5.42 - Detective update

An accompanying Tsuchinoko update (version 138) will be released on the same day.

Changes to Creatures

  • The Maze Police faction has a new rank, Guard Detective. Ranks above Sergeant but below Chief, they are investigators in plain clothes, in charge of cases and issues. They come with their own set of equipment.
    • They now appear as a separate type of creature that can be rolled by the &enc and &enc-LEO commands.
  • All Maze Guard flavors have received an equipment update; trauma plates, Tasers, better load-bearing equipment.

July 13th 2019

Version 5.41 - Weapon accessory tweaks and simplifications

This update aims at trimming some more of the fat with game mechanics, specifically mechanics related to weapon accessories.

An accompanying Tsuchinoko update (version 137) will be released on the same day.

Changes to weapon accessories

  • Scopes: All scope effects have been re-balanced.
    • Low-power optics: No longer have a special effect boosting accuracy only when aiming at small body parts, and instead provides a flat FT-1 bonus.
    • Medium-power optics: Now provides a FT-2 bonus instead of FT-1.
    • High-power optics: Now provides a IR-2 bonus instead of IR-1.
    • Extreme-power optics: Now provides a IR-2 bonus instead of IR-1.
  • Weapon lights:
    • The dazzling effect mechanic has been entirely scrapped.
    • When someone with a weaponlight aims at a creature with night vision or NVGs active, it no longer causes a blindness effect. (Flashbangs are unaffected, they still cause enhanced blindness to creatures with night vision).
    • Weaponlights switched on now automatically break stealth, as they are sources of bright light that can be seen by everyone.
  • WL2 batteries have been entirely scrapped, alongside three models of weapon light (Inforce APL, Inforce WML, and P3X Fury Tactical) due to redundancy.
  • One new type of dual modules introduced: the Streamlight TLR-4, which can be fitted on Short interfaces.
  • All accessories that used to require WL2 batteries, no longer need them, and can function indefinitely. Integrated lights and lasers also no longer show a turn counter to represent battery life.
  • All character sheets must have the following modifications made: All Inforce APL lights are replaced by Surefire X300U lights, and all Inforce WML and P3X Fury Tactical lights are replaced by Surefire M620 lights.

Other general changes

  • Cover mechanics simplified (effectively returned to a previous state); the Exposure system (exposed/hidden) is scrapped, cover now returns to protecting the full bodies of everyone that is behind cover.

May 18th 2019

Version 5.4 - Simplification update #3 : Stress and inaccurate hits

This update aims at further simplifying certain game mechanics.

General changes

  • Stress: All stress levels from Moderate and up no longer cause incremental fatigue effects.
  • Inaccurate hits with ranged weapons no longer call for a 1d2-1 check to determine if the shot hits. From now on, all inaccurate hits are hits.
  • All inaccurate hits now deal 0.7x Pain and Limb Damage, including in melee (down from 0.8x)

April 23rd 2019

Version 5.3 - Simplification update #2 : Blood

This update aims at simplifying some of the mechanics related to the Blood statistic.

General changes

  • Blood no longer naturally heals at a rate of 0.1 per turn, making Pain the only statistic that naturally regenerates every turn no matter what. If you have no wounds, your current Blood level stabilizes at its current level.
  • Natural blood regeneration is now tied to the daily reset; on top of the nutrition/hydration that is normally lost at midnight ingame, your body will attempt to regenerate 1 unit of Blood on its own every day (as long as there are no open wounds at that moment). Upon hitting the daily resert, you will lose 150 ntri and 2% Fatigue, and regenerate 1 Blood instantly. This is intended to incite finding BTKs or pay for a medic. If neither is possible, the tried and tested "buy food and let it heal over a few days" also works, however it may take several in-game days for large amounts of lost Blood.
  • Blood Transfusion Kits now carry 3 units of Blood each instead of 5. Full BTKs now cost 350 P$ instead of 550 P$.
  • A new type of medical item (Epoetin-alfa, syringe) can be consumed to start a 20-turn effect resembling the old natural regeneration effect: +0.1 Blood per turn, in exchange for -15 ntri and +0.2% Fatigue per turn. In total, the item would help your body regenerate up to 2 Blood but burn up to 300 ntri and 4% Fatigue. Syringes of Epoetin-alfa cost 100 P$, making them the cheapest syringe-type medical item.
  • Changes to Augmentations: The Guardian LSS no longer increases the amount of Blood regenerated per turn, since that mechanic is gone. Instead, each level increases the amount of Blood regenerated every day by 1, at no extra cost of nutrition and fatigue. Level 1 therefore lets you heal 2 Blood per day, Level 2 is 3 Blood per day, and Level 3 is 4 Blood per day, all for the same cost of 150 ntri/2% Fatigue per turn, making it viable to heal large amounts of Blood loss over the space of a few days.
  • Changes to Clothing protections: Buffs to protection ratings. -Resistant will prevent injuries on hits dealing up to 4 limb damage (previously, 2), and -PROOF will prevent injuries on hits dealing up to 8 limb damage (previously, 4).

February 20th 2019

Version 5.2 - Extra game modes update

This update introduces two new methods of playing MazeWorld: Survival and Freeform, and retroactively renames the 'main' mode into Contestant Story or just Story. These new game modes, so to speak, aim at providing more flavors for players and future GMs to enjoy.

General changes


In this new mode, players adopt the role of a Survivor, whose only objective is to kill anyone that looks at them wrong, and survive as long as possible. Survival is mainly inspired from old-school MazeWorld, it is essentially an endless Uncivilized Area run, just as it once was.

When playing Survival, players have the option to choose between two modes: Tier X (The game ends after completing X Challenges) or Endless (The game only ends with the Survivor's death, or at player request).

The main differences introduced by Survival are as follows:

  • No towns or intersections as players know them - Survival is an endless Uncivilized Area streak, equivalent to a Deep route. Explorable areas can even still be found and completed for their rewards!
  • Nutrition and Hydration Reset occur every time the Survivor reaches a Trading Post (TP reset). In turn, the reset is much lower than normal. The base values are 420 ntri and 140 wtr (0.2x a normal daily reset).
  • Date and time are not tracked.
  • No Faction Reputation and no Renown to worry about.
  • All skills are unlocked: Survivors start with Unskilled in all non-combat skills (unless skill levels were purchased at Startgame)
  • The Survivor starts with a MAIM account, with all generic and regular named mercenaries available (Special mercs are not available as they're tied to the story).
  • Every 50 rooms, the Survivor will find a Trading Post, which is nothing more than an intersection with a fixed amount of shops and services (see below for details)
  • On the room following every second Trading Post (101, 201, 301...), the Survivor will find a Challenge. Completing the Challenge is necessary to progress forwards!
  • If playing on Tier X, X corresponds to the amount of Challenges the player must complete in order to reach the end.
    • There is no upper limit on the Tier number (and subsequent amount of Challenges), though in order to keep games from being unreasonably long, the author's recommendation is to keep it between 1 and 10, and any longer games should be Endless instead.
    • The author personally recommends first-time players and GMs to try Survival Tier 4, for a 401-room adventure.
  • Mercenaries function differently:
    • The time-based hiring rates do not apply, and are instead replaced by a 50-room hiring rate (corresponds to the distance between Trading Posts). That special rate is equivalent to 2x the 24-hour rate.
    • Upon being hired, a mercenary will immediately join the Contestant with no waiting time.
    • Merc deaths do not need to be reported.
    • All mercenaries show up with their gear. There are no gear costs - their equipment is essentially free.
    • All special parameters are ignored.

The only objective in Survival is to survive. Each Survivor will be entered into a leaderboard for creatures killed and KV score obtained at the end of their run, as well as rooms visited in Survival Endless.

Freeform play

This is essentially the normal game, but without main story quests or sidequests and with certain shops, services and other conveniences immediately available. This mode aims at a more relaxed experience, without the pressure of the pre-made main story, as well as offering an opportunity to design your own stories and plots.

The main differences introduced by Freeform are as follows:

  • All skills are unlocked. Freeform characters start with Unskilled in all non-combat skills, as well as a MAIM account.
  • The Freeform character starts with a MAIM account, with all generic and regular named mercenaries available (Special mercs are not available as they're tied to the story).
    • Reputation and Renown requirements from certain mercenaries are disabled.
  • Roazon is collapsed, exactly as it would after the Contestant completes Sidequest S3-2.
  • All repeatable activities are available: Trading Missions, Mercenary Contracts, Mining, and Bounty Hunter
  • Several shops and services that are normally only obtained as sidequest rewards are available from the start:
    • The Power Armor Shop (Ferland Sector) is available and fully upgraded.
    • The Advanced Handloading Services are available at the Ellen Sector factory.
    • The Powder & Primer Shop is available at the Littleton factory.
  • Renown and Reputation are disabled, to allow GMs more flexibility.
    • It is recommended to replace any rewards in Renown/Rep with money, where applicable and where it would make sense. (e.g. Vigilante work)

January 17th 2019

Version 5.1 - KISS Update (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

This update aims at simplifying several game mechanics deemed too granular or generally not fun enough.

Simplified nutrition and hydration

  • Nutrition and hydration no longer decay at a rate of 1 per turn. Instead, these stats are slashed by a set amount at a fixed rate and frequency, to symbolize meeting daily recommended needs; these are called the Nutrition Reset and Hydration Reset, respectively.
    • Nutrition is reset every day at midnight. The reset will reduce the current Nutrition by an amount equivalent to (meat worth x 30). For a human, that amount is 2100 ntri.
    • Hydration is reset every day at midnight. The reset will reduce the current Hydration by an amount equivalent to (meat worth x 10). For a human, that amount is 700 wtr.
  • Nutrition and hydration each have new value ranges and corresponding effects; they are generally simpler and more clear-cut effects.
    • Nutrition going too high will increase minimum Fatigue, and eventually reduce Agility.
    • Nutrition going too low will decrease Strength, and eventually disable the ability to heal Pain, Blood or Limb Damage (due to the body not having the "fuel" to do so).
    • Hydration going too low will decrease Strength, then Accuracy, then cause Hallucinations, until eventually causing death.

Simplified fatigue

  • Fatigue no longer gradually increases every turn (what was called "natural fatigue"). Effects that can increase Fatigue bit by bit every turn still do exist.
  • The "Energized" tier is deleted.
  • Reaching an amount of Fatigue equal to 2x Endurance will result in death.
  • All effects of high fatigue now decrease Agility, and eventually decrease accuracy and cause Hallucinations.

Simplified clothing and armor

  • Clothing and armor can no longer sustain damage, period. The only exceptions are:
    • Trauma plates - which still continue to work as they normally do
    • Powered armor - which require a condition meter to determine protection level. When wearing power armor, damage calculation is greatly simplified - 1 limb damage sustained = 1 armor condition lost.
  • Cutting clothes into rags (as long as they have the RagOK tag) now always succeeds and results in obtaining 1d4 Rags (at least 1 is now guaranteed). Multipliers (0.5x or 2x) affect the result of that 1d4, and it is always rounded up.

Simplified weapon maintenance

  • The Reliability/Max Cleanliness stat is scrapped.
  • Durability is renamed Max Condition, and all firearms' Max Condition values have been rewritten.
  • Critical failures have been completely revamped and simplified. Condition is now meant to be lost on a critical failure, and for each 2 rolled, the new command @critfail must be used.
    • @critfail contains 80 possible effects, half of which are simple condition loss effects (ranging from 100 to 2000). The other half are condition loss effects (ranging from 50 to 1000) with a weapon failure (failure to fire, eject, etc.) effect on top. If the relevant weapon is a melee weapon or does not have a corresponding weapon failure type, the condition loss effect is doubled instead.

Changes to handloading:

  • Load level (hotness) of ammunition affects the severity of the Condition loss on a critical failure. -P/Cold: Condition loss x0.5. +P/Hot: Condition loss x2. +P+/Super: Condition loss x4.
  • Powder quality of ammunition also affects the severity of the Condition loss on a critical failure. Surplus: Condition loss x3. Premium: Condition loss x0.5.
  • These effects may stack. Round up any results.
  • If shooting ammunition of mixed hotness or powder quality in the same turn (not recommended!), the hottest and dirtiest ammunition fired that turn is used as a reference for all rounds fired that turn.

Changes to weapon accessories:

  • Since Cleanliness no longer exists, silencers no longer apply a malus on the equipped firearm.

Changes to crafting:

  • Gun Cleaning Kits: They are now used to restore a firearm's Condition, as long as it's 60% or higher. Gun Repair Kits can still be used at any Condition percentage.

Changes to Maze Customs:

  • Improved barrels now have different effects.
    • 4150CS barrel: Max Condition x1.25.
    • 4150CS + Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating: Max Condition x1.5
    • 4150CS + Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) coating: Max Condition x2
    • 4150CS + NP3 coating: Max Condition x1.25, Condition loss on critical failure x0.5
    • Rechambering a firearm with an improved barrel no longer causes the improved barrel to be replaced by a normal one (forcing the user to re-purchase the barrel improvements again). Making engineers slightly less evil!...
    • Maze Customs now also offers the possibility to return to a non-improved, stock barrel, for 100 P$.


  • New command: @asktsuchi. Ask a yes/no question and use that command. Results may vary.

November 27th 2018

Version 5 update - The Finished State update


  • Story Arc #3: The Human-Youkai War released! Features 33 quests, 1 sidequest, and 1 emergency quest.
  • Endgame content now available! The Contestant story may now come to an end as soon as all four Amulets are gathered



  • Several special abilities were renamed to techniques, due to their similarity with martial arts techniques. Techniques are actions that can be performed instead of a regular combat action, and which, if the prerequisites are met, may allow their users to perform special moves that wouldn't otherwise be possible.
  • Introduction of several new combat techniques:
    • Techniques that are learned upon reaching Expert skill level with a corresponding combat skill:
      • Firearm techniques: Failure Drill (DA revolver, Semi-auto pistol/rifle/shotgun), Fanning (SA revolver), Mad Minute (Bolt-action), Recoil Control Stance (Automatic pistol/rifle/shotgun), Rifleman Trick (Lever-action), Zero's Trick (Pump-action)
      • Melee techniques: Any-Bash (One- and Two-handed clubs), Any-throw (Thrown weapons), Backlash (Whip/Lash weapons), Desperate Smash (Crude weapons), Double Cleave (Axes, One- and Two-handed swords), Stabbing Rush (Knives)
    • Techniques that can be purchased: Lightning Reload (available for 3000 P$ at any shooting range)

Maze Customs:

  • Customs:Minor - 1 new tactical conversion (Pecheneg Zenit), 4 new minor barrel configurations (SCAR-H STD, SCAR-L STD, SCAR-L LB, SG551-LB)


  • Tsuchinoko update: Rarity is finally weaved into the drop rates for the weapon commands (@wpn @wpnc1 @wpnc2 @wpnc3 @wpnc4 @wpnc5L @wpnc5S @wpncHG). The original commands (with equal chances for each weapon) have been given the -e suffix (@wpn-e, @wpnc1-e, etc...); e stands for "equivalent" (in the sense that each weapon has the same chance to be rolled as any other).
    • Four new Tsuchinoko commands, @wpn-firearm, @wpn-melee, @wpn-firearm-e and @wpn-melee-e. The first two respectively roll only firearms (Classes 1-4) and melee weapons (Classes 5L, 5S, HG), and the last two are the equivalent chances versions of the first two.
  • Kitsune and alligator halflings are now playable (discontinuation of the RePoints system)
  • Equipment points to allocate have been increased from 5 to 10.
  • Unspent equipment points are now worth 200 P$ each instead of 150 P$, and are now paid entirely in copper coins.
  • Starting weapons are no longer dependent on the combat skills selected at the start. All of the packages are now available, and extra packages now only cost 2 equipment points instead of 3.
  • Difficulty modes are no longer tied to RePoints. The starting amount of lives (Hard: 1, Easy: 3, Messiah: Infinite) is fixed.


  • GM side changes: Planned migration away from Excel and fully towards Google Docs - from now on GMs and players should be using the same files; any changes and updates should be done through direct edition of the player's GDocs sheet. Any information that is hidden from the player should be kept on a separate, GM-only file (preferably also on GDocs) which lists only the hidden information and nothing else.
  • Migration to the new wiki will begin shortly after the release of this update.
  • The RePoints system is discontinued (please check the corresponding Patreon post for more information).

Prior versions

You can find all of the previous updates up to version 5 on the old wiki's changelog.