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This category serves as a list of all of the pages using these templates (all other page titles).

List of templates


Placed at the top of a page or a page section.

  • Template:Disambiguation - Place at the top of a disambiguation page.
  • Template:Hebiquote - Bar for Hebizuka's witty quotes.
  • Template:Lore - Place at the top of a page section (or the page in its entirety) to signal that the content within is lore-related.
  • Template:Navigation - A little navigation bar to help the viewer visualize where the current page they're viewing is categorized.
  • Template:NeedsPictures - Place this at the top of an article to signal that this article needs more pictures.
  • Template:NeedsQuote - Place at the top of an article if it's currently missing a Hebiquote.
  • Template:UnderConstruction - Place this at the top of an article if you're currently building this page and would like others not to edit it without your permission.


Aligned to the top right corner of a page.

Main page



Weapon accessories


In-page templates

Placed inside the body of a page, aligned to the right.

  • Template:AdvancedTip - Use to provide information of a special or advanced nature, such as a lesser known trick or gameplay mechanic.

Do not use

Templates that should either only be used on Project:Sandbox or have been deprecated from use.

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